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Sod is a great way to make your lawn look beautiful again and can be done almost anytime of the year. Weather it is redoing your whole lawn or needing  some patchwork done, with 15 years experience M&l Lawncare is there for you

Let’s work together to make your lawn to reach its full potential.

  • Thick, healthy grass discourages weed penetration, making them easier to control year after year
  • Balanced, seasonally-timed nutrition keeps your turf green and better able to resist stress, drought and wear
  • Guaranteed results and expert horticultural advice ensure that your lawn maintenance budget is well spent
  • Proactive turf assessment helps identify potential issues before they become costly problems
  • Licensed and trained lawn specialists ensure that all applications are fully compliant with ever-changing environmental regulations

With more than 15 years of research, development, and practice you know you will always get the best service for all your Lawncare needs.




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